Will Porteous

This morning Spire announced its planned merger with NavSight Holdings (NSH). Spire is the second of our geospatial companies to commit to go public through a SPAC merger after the BlackSky-Osprey Technology (SFTW.UN) deal announced on February 18th, and the fourth RRE company to announce a SPAC deal in the last few months. While these transactions remain subject to the completion of filings, audits and satisfactory SEC review, this seems like a good time to check in on our original thesis for the geospatial information sector.

During 2013 and 2014 we saw a wave of new company formation in the…

George Avetisov

It’s been 3 years since RRE Ventures led HYPR’s Series A. Today HYPR has raised more than $37 million, built a world-class team, and deployed passwordless technology to millions of users across the globe.

As we continue our mission to rid the world of passwords it feels like we’ve climbed a big mountain that is now behind us, and we’re staring down a long, exciting road ahead. When taking a journey it’s sometimes good to pause and think back on how you got there.

They say hindsight is 2020, but back in 2017, it was not immediately obvious that passwordless…

Raju Rishi, Charles Horner, and Nikita Singareddy

Imagine that you’re leaving your job. You wrap up your projects and final deliverables, clean out your desk and hand back a work-issued laptop and keycard. After completing your offboarding paperwork, you’re faced with the tedious process of handling your employer-sponsored retirement account. Like many Millennials who switch jobs every few years, this is now your third 401(k) account. You’re not even sure where to locate the others. So, you Google what action to take… rollovers, account splitting, consolidations, traditional IRA, or Roth IRA. It’s dizzying. …

Maria Palma, Nikita Singareddy, and Charles Horner

As investors, we look for broader trends in industries that create “moments of insertion” where new and lasting entrants can be built.

The switch from analog to digital forged the first era of modern fintech, allowing banks to automate manual processing, introduce digital consumer experiences, and build out electronic payments networks. Innovation accelerated again with the advent of internet banking and mobile. This significantly increased the distribution of early financial applications in P2P payments, lending, and payment processing. These tailwinds guided RRE to invest in companies like Avant, Braintree, Clarity Money, and Venmo.

Since then, venture funding per year for…

RRE Ventures

When it comes to racial inequality in America, not speaking out is part of the problem. We may not be the first or the loudest voice in the choir of calls for change, but we’re here to speak up and join others. Events like the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many before them are horrific results of racism and racial injustice in America. This racism permeates every facet of our country, and technology and venture capital are no exception. …

Laurel Woerner

We hope everyone is staying strong and supporting themselves and their communities. We wanted to share some additional suggestions and resources to help navigate the sudden transition to remote work that most of you are facing.

Working remotely is likely already a reality for significant portions of your workforce. Even if you have experience managing remote teams, you are possibly facing something none of us have before: turning regular teams into efficient remote teams. Extended remote work will have an impact on your team’s ability to interact with others, collaborate with different parts of the business and your team’s culture.

Jason Black

Risk is not a point-in-time event, but an amorphous and constantly evolving assessment. Corporations have historically relied on one-time background checks to mitigate their risk of employing individuals who will bear their firm’s name both in the good they do as well as, in some cases, the bad. Whether this is insider trading at a bank, drunk driving as a taxi driver, or theft as an on-demand home cleaner, corporations expose themselves and their customers to significant harm if their employees break the law.

GoodLight is building software so that employers get a more complete and continuously-updated view of the…

Jason Black

What’s in a name? Pickle Robot Co., despite its quirky title, is building some very serious tech to transform the package handling market, starting with palletization and de-palletization.

While this might sound like an oddly specific task — literally just stacking items on a pallet, or removing them — the larger package handling segment represents $11B of manual labor in the US alone ($20B globally) and it’s a segment that’s growing at 20% YoY. The growth is largely driven by a massive shift in delivery norms, which are rapidly transitioning from a pattern of monolithic shipments to brick and mortar…

Will Porteous and Maria Palma

What makes a great consumer brand? We ask ourselves this question all the time as venture investors. While there are always the business fundamentals that one needs to look at when considering any investment in this space (LTV:CAC, Unit Economics, Market Size, Scalability), at the core of it, the best consumer brands have soul. They are purposeful, intentional, and speak often about finding new ways to build community or express identity. No one understands this more than the Pattern Brands team, given their history as Gin Lane.

Whether you know it or not, chances are you have been touched by…

Stuart Ellman and Charles Horner

We have been excited about the opportunity for new brand creation in the pet market for the last decade. Our first investment in the space was a seed check into BARK in 2012 when the overall spend on pets in the US was $53B. Now, people in the US spend over $72B on their pets and BARK has grown to be a very valuable company. Next, we made a seed investment in Wag, a dog walking company, which has also gained tremendous momentum and raised hundreds of millions of dollars. …

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